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The Book of Woo Itself[edit]

Other appearances of the Book-of-Woo glyphs[edit]

The font used in the Book-of-Woo appears in several other comics:

The letters pya jald daxd transliterate to len insa anpa in the language Toki Pona which can be translated to "cloth inside bottom" describing the word "lingerie" as many had suspected from the content of the comic strip.

The letters aASOy seem to follow a different set of rules than the Book of Woo (a can't be followed directly by A without one of the switching signs uU in between). They don't form a word in Toki Pona either.

Discussion Forum[edit]

To date, pretty much all discussion regarding the decrypting efforts have taken place in the comment thread for the original comic post (

Ciphertext Tools[edit]

  • Cipher Tools -- A web-based collection of cipher encoding/decoding utilities for a variety of known ciphers, as well as a couple of related analysis/manipulation tools.
  • Jamie has also created a Cypher Replacement Tool (Windows EXE), which can be used to play around with different character substitutions.

Data Analysis Tools[edit]

  • IPython is an interactive environment with a wide array of tools for coding, data manipulation, and visualization used by many in the academic and research communities (in particular, check out the IPython Notebook functionality).
  • Plotly is a web-based (free) tool for quickly creating full-featured and interactive graphs and visualizations from almost any data.
  • Character and word counter with frequency statistics calculator


In Other Media[edit]