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OK, I wrote mail to foogod about this, I believe we need organized in specific way to move one I will slowly make page for this.

Work Organization[edit]

There is many ideas, theories and concepts. There is also many people working on this task. With some organization we will make work easier faster and (ummm, I want to use some word or short phrase about not making same work double - if one person check something, others don't need to do it again).

This page is made in believe, that in some point of decryption there will be text encrypted form original with substitution cipher. With hint we get, it should be easy to check if there is string which can be decrypted as ENGLISH: Potbelly Hill or GERMAN: Bauchigen Hügel. If, after few steps of decryption, we got string like that, we can be on the right path or we just have bad luck of having lucky string. If there is no string like this, we one or few steps were wrong, we made mistake or we need some more steps before we will get plain text encrypted with substitution cipher.

Less probably, but still possible, that there were used some other type of cipher. But for this test, we need to believe, that in the end we can get at least one chracter equal to our one character. With space in Woo book used in same way as space in our languages, it's easy to find, if there are strings with right nubers of characters.

How to check the hint[edit]

Novi gave two possibilities to us, there is Potbelly Hill or Bauchigen Hügel in plain text. So, first thing we need to do, is check, if there are string in text wrote as 9 characters, space, than 5 characters for Bauchigen Hügel, or 8 characters, space, than 4 characters. We can simple do it with few commands.

In Linux[edit]

First, for the easy grep command, we want text without new lines, dots or exclamation marks. First, lets remove all punctuation marks with this command:

tr -d [:punct:] < filename > filename1

than translate new lines into spaces:

tr '\n' ' ' < filename1 > filename2

In the end, we can get few spaces between words. We want one:

tr -s ' ' < filename2 > filename3

Or we can do it in one line:

tr -d [:punct:] < filename | tr '\n' ' ' | tr -s ' ' > filename1

Now we can check text for our strings:

grep -o -w -E '\w{9}[[:space:]]\w{5}' filename


grep -o -w -E '\w{8}[[:space:]]\w{4}' filename

If there is any, we will get output with our strings to check. In German version, not-last two letters in both words should be same. In English version there should be two same letters near the end of longer world, and same two letters at the end of shorter word.

If there are strings with right numbers of letters but with wrong letters map, it should be also notice here on wiki, but there is much lower probability, that we are on right path.

In special hint tests, like "letters type 'ü' can be encrypted with two symbols" or "double letter like ll can be encrypted with one special symbol" of course we can check for other numbers in strings. Hiperon (talk) 20:29, 24 July 2014 (UTC)


In this paragraph, there will theories with short explanations, this topic is for check if combinations ot those theories can be right. Please write here some new theoreis you got, under the list. Theories here will NOT have long explanations, you can find it on Working_Theories page. Here we got just list.

  1. Template:Woo and Template:Woo change letter before this glyph into another one.
  2. Template:Woo and Template:Woo change letter after this glyph into another one.
  3. Template:Woo and Template:Woo work as space.
  4. Every word is wrote backward.
  5. All text is wrote backward.
  6. Template:Woo and Template:Woo work as nothing.

Theory check[edit]

Here is the list of all theory combinations. Under each combination there is place for test result.


First, upload your plain text you get after theory application (for example, with all wx combination as some other letter and with all u changed into space and with all words wrote backwards. Can be without last one, its not that important in text, its important in hint check).

Second - short write how you get this plain text (i changed wl = c, wj = e .....)

Third, upload result of Hint test

Fourth, make it all green if you found same string as Hint, all yelow if you found strings with same letter numbers but not same letters combinations, and red, if you didnt find proper string.

And fifth, if possible, each test should be done by two different people. I know how many times i did some small mistakes, so we need two same results to be almost sure that it was done all right.

Theories combinations:


Media:Woo0.txt - Foogod transliteration without punctation or new line characters. Words combinations matching the pattern: German: xjsykdwpj dpdld English: xufdwfua lyoj, gdodwkda ldsd, ywluoypj dagy, ywsdwlja gdod, fjoyawxj fqpy, fjoyawxj fqpy, adaxdwpj fdsd,

No sings of full pattern match. Hiperon (talk) 15:18, 31 July 2014 (UTC)


Media:Woo1.txt Made from Media:Woo0.txt. aw => b, dw => c, jw => e, qw => h, uw => i, yw => m. Hiperon (talk) 15:18, 31 July 2014 (UTC)


Media:Woo2.txt Made from Media:Woo0.txt. wa => b, wd => c, wf => e, wg => h, wk => i, wl => m, wo => n, wp => r, ws => t, wu => v, wx => z and, what was risky, wy => w. Everything looks OK, I tested it with a little simpler script and it should work in que. But if accidentally script did wy=>w THAN other swaps, it can be devastating to text, so some check will be nice.

NOTE: It looks really nice, because swaps use ALL 26 letter from latin alphabet. No more, no less. Still after test there will be no fully matching srings, but with some "u" theory combination, it may give some results, especially that we will probably get a little less latin alphabet characters, and I think in that short text it's some letters rare letters like X, Q (or what letters in English/German are rare) may not appear. Hiperon (talk) 15:18, 31 July 2014 (UTC)


Media:Woo3.txt Made from Media:Woo0.txt. Template:Woo and Template:Woo used as space. Words combinations matching the pattern: German: xjsykdwpj dpdld English: gdodwkda ldsd, ywsdwlja gdod, ljaxjawp awsd, fjoyawxj fqpy, fjoyawxj fqpy, adaxdwpj fdsd.

No sings of full pattern match.

Woo3 need fix - u is at the end or beggining of word, so i got doublespace sometimes. I dont want this, because script looking for string want one space between words

AAAANNDDD... i think i fixed it and forget to remove comment about fixing. But not sure wight now, maybe i forget to upload those new files or change or some other fix... yes i think its still not fixed, i made fix to other file and forget about this. Hiperon (talk) 15:18, 31 July 2014 (UTC)


Theories not so easy to check[edit]

There are theories we can't check that easy for Hint. Lets try together find a way to check, if they are true or not, and check it with combination of toher theories.

  • I. Foogod glyphs combinations.
  • II. Every glyph is a sound, not just letter.
  • III. They are using anagrams.
  • IV. Template:Woo change the alphabet.
  • V. Template:Woo change the language.
AD III Maybe we can check if they are using anagrams with alphabetic - or any order (like theories - eehiorst) with checking order in the text - is there any word where different glyphs are in different order? It need to be checked with all combinations of 1,2,3, IV, V theories.
AD III We know, that once word is made with anagram, even random, it's stay in the same way. There is much same words in the text
AD III Maybe special glyphs Template:Woo Template:Woo Template:Woo Template:Woo are about letter numbers in anagrams? eehiorst -> 2xe hiorst
AD IV and V Maybe we can check if there is any "same words" in two different Template:Woo sections, this one check would make much less theories combination to test.

Hard Theories check[edit]

III 1[edit]
III 2[edit]
III 3[edit]
III 6[edit]
III 1,3[edit]
III 2,3[edit]
III 1,6[edit]
III 2,6[edit]
III IV 1[edit]
III IV 2[edit]
III IV 3[edit]
III IV 6[edit]
III IV 1,3[edit]
III IV 2,3[edit]
III IV 1,6[edit]
III IV 2,6[edit]
III V 1[edit]
III V 2[edit]
III V 3[edit]
III V 1,3[edit]
III V 2,3[edit]
III V 6[edit]
III V 1,6[edit]
III V 2,6[edit]

What we can assume[edit]

I hope there is disscusion on Working_Theories page. Here I try to short post what I believe is true for now.

  1. We can use Foogod transliteration and upper and lower case letters are the same.


Thinks to check, not with any theories, but maybe usefull. Is there any word with more than one w in it?

Hiperon (talk) 10:49, 30 July 2014 (UTC)