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The Book of Woo Itself[edit]

Other appearances of the Book-of-Woo glyphs[edit]

The font used in the Book-of-Woo appears in several other comics:

Discussion Forum[edit]

To date, pretty much all discussion regarding the decrypting efforts have taken place in the comment thread for the original comic post (

Ciphertext Tools[edit]

  • Cipher Tools -- A web-based collection of cipher encoding/decoding utilities for a variety of known ciphers, as well as a couple of related analysis/manipulation tools.
  • Jamie has also created a Cypher Replacement Tool (Windows EXE), which can be used to play around with different character substitutions.

Data Analysis Tools[edit]

  • IPython is an interactive environment with a wide array of tools for coding, data manipulation, and visualization used by many in the academic and research communities (in particular, check out the IPython Notebook functionality).
  • Plotly is a web-based (free) tool for quickly creating full-featured and interactive graphs and visualizations from almost any data.
  • Character and word counter with frequency statistics calculator


In Other Media[edit]