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March 08, 2018 — Missing a few entries?

I just realized that the time of the backup from which this new wiki was created was probably a few months before the actual shutdown of the old wiki. So a few of the latest contributions to the old wiki might have been lost. If you contributed or remember anything that is now missing, please add it again.

February 28, 2018 — New Wiki

Welcome everyone to the new wiki which is currently mostly a cleaned up copy of the old one. -- Narga

July 23, 2014 — Spam Issues

Novil's recent link to the wiki has brought some new contributors (welcome!) but also a bunch of spammers. I've gone through and deleted/blocked a bunch of spam users/edits from the past couple of days, and will be adding additional countermeasures over the next few days. I tried to be fairly careful, but if you find anything that was deleted/blocked which shouldn't have been, please let me know. -- Foogod

April 27, 2014 — Artwork Interpretation available

Created a page with interpretation attempts of the artwork by various readers. -- Foogod

April 18, 2014 — It is now possible to include Book of Woo glyphs in wiki pages!

See Using Wootext for more information on how to do this. -- Foogod

April 17, 2014 — New transliteration and OpenType font available

Foogod has proposed a new transliteration mapping, with a corresponding font file. -- Foogod

April 13, 2014 — The Book of Woo Wiki is now live!

Welcome, everyone! -- Foogod